How To Restore Whatsapp Backup – Easy Guide

How To Restore Whatsapp Backup – Easy Guide

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If you want to know How To Restore Whatsapp Backup or how to restore WhatsApp chat on Android, then make sure you always create a backup. Besides that, it would help if you reinstalled WhatsApp or downloaded the app again from TECHBIGiS. 

Afterward, launch the app and wait for it to connect with the server again. Once it is done and runs smoothly, you should find your chat history already available on the left side of the screen. Moreover, if you have the chat history like in Messenger++ Apk stored on the device, it can be restored. 

WhatsApp itself does not provide a way for users to restore these chats, but there is an app that lets you do just that. It is called WhatsApp Backup & Restore, and once installed on your Android phone. Aside from that, it works like any other backup service that backs up app data to cloud storage services as in Akr Whatsapp.

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Steps – How To Restore Your Backup 

  1. Suppose you have a backup file of your WhatsApp account and want to restore it to your new Android device. Besides that, you can manually copy and convert the file.
  2. To restore your chats and media from a phone backup, download a file manager app like ES File Explorer. 
  3. Aside from that, on Android 4.4 or lower, find the most recent WhatsApp backup file in the WhatsApp folder on your internal storage. 
  4. Copy the latest backup file to a new device’s local storage. Then install and open WhatsApp and tap Restore when prompted to restore. Moreover, your chats and media from the local backup.    
  5. WhatsApp users need to know How To Restore Whatsapp Backup. If they lose their phones or change their phones, they can recover their WhatsApp conversations from their previous phone. 
  6. Besides that, this process is called backup. When you back up your chats, you can also back up photos and videos sent or received on Whatsapp.

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How To Restore Whatsapp Chat Backup

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