How To Send Blank Message In WhatsApp 2022

How To Send Blank Message In WhatsApp 2022

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Are you tired of finding “How To Send Blank Message In WhatsApp” or sending messages to your partner full of chitchat? Should you want to make a point with your partner, silence is more effective than words. Now send a blank message to prove your point and show that silence speaks louder than words.

A blank message is essentially a message without any text. You might be familiar with the idea of voice mail. Here’s how to send Blank or Empty Messages on WhatsApp. Moreover, the recipient receives an audio clip of your voice instead of an actual text message. 

Emotions and feelings are an essential part of human interaction. They convey interest, joy, friendship, and all other emotions we experience in our daily lives. Sometimes, you may want to express your feelings to a friend or loved one who is far away from you. In these cases, sending an empty or blank message can be the right choice.

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How To Send Blank Message In WhatsApp

This article will show you how to send blank or empty messages on WhatsApp. With these steps, you can create a blank media file to send in WhatsApp groups or individual chats via the Web version of WhatsApp only.

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Send An Empty Message On Whatsapp 

Follow these steps to send a blank message on the template.

  • Firstly, open the blank space which is in the brackets
  • Open Whatsapp on your phone
  • Open the contact or chat where you wish to send an empty or blank message
  • Press the button on the message box
  • Click on the pres option
  • Lastly, tap on the second button to send the empty or blank message. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How To Send Blank Message In WhatsApp iPhone

How can I send a blank message on Whatsapp?

It’s impossible to send a blank message on WhatsApp. However, you can type in any text you want and delete it before sending it.

How do you chat blankly?

If you’ve been having trouble getting your point across in chat, we’re excited to announce the “Blank message” feature! You can now type “/clear” into the chatbox to clear all messages from this session.

What is blank text? 

When you need a blank document, this is the one for you. It’s a full-screen canvas for your thoughts, inspiration, or doodling. It contains about 40 pages of white space and a transparent window for placing a photo or document front and center. Great for kids who want to write and draw on a tablet. Moreover, but don’t have time to learn all the tricks to get there.

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