How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone-2022

How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone-2022

The most efficient way to move data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone is made possible with the Whatsapp to iPhone Transfer. This intelligent app can handle nearly all files and media, including videos, photos, contacts, etc. Moreover, using this free application, you can move most of your data to your new iPhone in no time. To find out How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone.

The good news is that there is a solution to How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone, as WhatsApp and iPhone usually communicate with each other. Even though it may be possible to send WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, the truth is that you are much better off downloading WhatsApp on your iPhone and then importing the contacts into the app.

Suppose you plan to change your phone from Android to iPhone. You may have to move some of the essential data from your Android phone to the iPhone. For example, if you have a lot of contacts in your WhatsApp account on your Android, you can transfer contacts to your iPhone. Besides that, this post will look at doing this in easy steps.

How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone

Easy Steps to Transfer Whatsapp From Android to iPhone

If you use WhatsApp on Android and want to transfer the chats to an iPhone, that can be a little tricky. But don’t worry. Now, we will share How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone.

Using Method 1: You’ll be able to transfer Whatsapp directly from Android to iPhone.

Trying to send data from Android to iPhone or vice versa is not a simple undertaking. Especially when you need to move many files at once. ITransor for WhatsApp (iOS) is created to get it without obstacles. iTransor for WhatsApp (iOS) is designed for the complete send messages and attachments between Android devices and iPhone devices within a few simple steps. Moreover, here are the reasons why you should choose iTransor for WhatsApp(iOS):

  • WhatsApp Backup Restore is a versatile tool that can be used to backup, restore, export, and transfer your WhatsApp data to other Android or iOS devices without losing any information. 
  • You can backup, restore, export, and transfer WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business within one program for Android and iOS devices. 
  • One time work, no months source platform to contact.
  • It allows you to share WhatsApp between Android and iPhone in just a few clicks. 
  • Moreover, numerous professional websites already recommend the app.

Download: TMWhatsapp

Using Method 2: Using Backuptrans, transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone free.

It is possible to send date from Android to iPhone free using Backuptrans WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer tool. Free permission to transfers the instructions. Before using this tool, be sure your SIM card is active in your iPhone, and the phone number is the same as yours. Secondly, you must confirm that your WhatsApp account is the same before using it. The new iPhone requires a SIM card switch. Backuptrans WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer is free for a 30-day trial period. Besides that, following these steps will enable you to do these tasks:

  • Backuptrans WhatsApp to iPhone & WhatsApp to iTunes Data Transfer is a beneficial application.
  •  It can help you transfer your data from your phone to your iPhone. Through a USB cable, including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, etc. 
  • The backup files can be used on iTunes/iCloud if you want to restore them in the future. 
  • Device messaging the entire storage to migrate without cables desktop target.
  • Memories adapter which connected the precious txt records.
  • Aside from that, so Free Download Backuptrans WhatsApp to iPhone and WhatsApp to iTunes Data Transfer now and enjoy it freely.

Download: Gb Whatsapp

Using Method 3:Whatsapp Messages from iPhone to Android and view log files 

WhatsApp is now compatible with iPhones, allowing you to export your chat history. Using the Export Chat function in the WhatsApp app, you can easily export chats from WhatsApp to your iPhone. It will be time-consuming since you can only transfer chats one by one. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp​ app on your Android, Apple, or Windows phone. 
  • WhatsApp will alert you that it needs to verify your phone number.
  • Local and easy process to connect support.
  •  Once you enter the verification code into the required field, a QR code will be revealed.
  • Besides that, you will see the chats from the email app as a log file on your Android iPhone but not read them on WhatsApp.

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Final Words

Here is the answer to How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android To iPhone. We describe the best transferring feature and automatically restoring the systems. From start screen operating to how to save backups methods tools also. Our website TECHBIGiS offers all the premium versions of Whatsapp for free. Additionally, TECBIGiS provides daily updates about Whatsapp and other apps.