Apk App Install Guide

Apk App Install Guide

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Android builds Apk are modified versions, allowing you to take advantage of exciting new features you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The APK files of your favorite Android apps contain a few things you need to know. This article will describe what they are, installing apk in simple steps, and how the two types differ. Additionally, what do you mean by how to “Apk App Install,” and why do you need them in the first place? 

Downloading the latest APK for your favorite apps will allow you to get the premium apps and games paid for free. GB Whatsapp, Ng Whatsapp, Jt Whatsapp, or others are all apk files that you can download and install from our website TECHBIGiS. Moreover, installing apps from a third-party website can take a long time. A new version of an app may not be your cup of tea, so you want to download an older version. 

Apk App Install

APK Installation on Android

  1. You can download APKs for Android phones and tablets directly from your browser.
  2. You’ll notice it downloading in your top bar by opening your browser and finding and tapping the APK.
  3. When prompted to install the APK file, click on the APK file and select Yes.
  4. A simple installation will begin.

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Installing APK files from your computer

Installing the Apk App without a smartphone is also possible. You can do this on a desktop computer as well. Here’s how.

The first step from our website TECHBIGiS is to locate the desired APK file. Your computer can also use for the setup to store APK files in an easy-to-find place.

  1. Also, if you download a file manager, it will be easy to find any files saved on your Android device, as it will have all the files organized for you. 
  2. Some of our favorite file managers have been included in the best file explorers for Android.
  3. Connect it to your computer after you have downloaded or installed the Apk App for your Android device.
  4. There is a possibility that your phone may need to be charged to connect as a ‘media device.’ 
  5. To connect your phone as a media device, you need to select ‘Media device.’
  6. Once you have selected the appropriate folder, you can begin the connection. 
  7. For those of you that have Windows (Computer), you will find it under ‘My Computer.’ 
  8. Your Android smartphone should display the APK file for that app.
  9. From now on, you can locate the file’s location within the My Files folder on your device.
  10. Additionally, you will have to tap the APK file you wish to install in your file manager and then tap for Apk App Install
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