Where Are Whatsapp Documents Stored In iPhone 2022

Where Are Whatsapp Documents Stored In iPhone 2022

Media files that you receive on Whatsapp stay with Whatsapp. By tapping to the top of the chat window, you can scroll up and down the files and then left, right, or swipe up. Once more, can you view the most recent documents? Where Are WhatsApp Documents Stored On iPhone? You’ll now be able to see the media files you receive from different people, and if you want, select which media file takes place in the conversation.

When a WhatsApp user sends a PDF file to another WhatsApp user, the PDF file will save in the app stores. All the WhatsApp users will not be able to view the PDF file on their iPhone device regardless of whether they use Apple or any other type of iPhone. Those who do not know where to find or save PDF files on iPhone can take advantage of this article on our website TECHBIGiS. Besides that, which introduces different methods to find Where Are Whatsapp Documents Stored In iPhone?

Where Are Whatsapp Documents Stored In iPhone

After downloading a PDF document on WhatsApp, the PDF will save on the WhatsApp storage. You can only view it by opening the chat information screen. If you want to save this PDF file on your iPhone and view it offline. You must move the document from WhatsApp storage to your iPhone’s “iBooks” app library. Moreover, note that you can’t open PDFs from your WhatsApp storage in other third-party applications.

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How to download WhatsApp media files to your iPhone

There are several document viewer apps that you can download from the App Store. Including Office 350, Polaris viewer, and Adobe Acrobat reader. Those apps store and find “Where Are Whatsapp Documents Stored In iPhone.” Aside from that, all the documents you downloaded on the mobile device are in one place that you will be able to access from their respective apps.

Follow these simple steps to save your WhatsApp media files.

  • Start WhatsApp by navigating to the application.
  • After step 2 of the process, tap the “Settings” icon at the bottom right corner after your iPhone is open.
  • The third step is to select the media you want to save after opening the settings.
  • Moreover, tap on “Save Media” to ensure that all incoming photos and videotapes are auto-saved to your folder.

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