6 Reasons To Hire a Graphic Recording Artist

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Graphic recording or scribing is an interactive service for upgrading real-life and virtual events. It enhances typical presentations and conversations by visualizing the main points, thus prompting faster learning experiences and deeper levels of engagement.

What is a graphic recording artist?

Graphic recording artists or scribes are professionals who convert real-time conversations and talks at events into visual records, using text and pictures. Even though you may hear the terms graphic recording and graphic facilitation being used interchangeably, they refer to different practices.

The main difference between these two terms is that a graphic recorder is only tasked with visually recording a session or conversation. A graphic facilitator, on the other hand, leads and directs conversations about change, thus facilitating easier decision-making.

Recently, graphic recorders have been offering more than just traditional event recording services. You can now work with graphic recording artists to enjoy the various benefits of digital graphic recording such as increased flexibility, compact & easily shareable summaries of the event, and more.

Why should you hire a graphic recording artist?

There are lots of reasons to hire a graphic recording artist, but here are the most notable:

1. For visual engagement

Studies have proven that humans are visual creatures, able to process image-focused information more than 60,000 times faster than plain text or audio. That’s why you’d easily and quickly recognize a brand based on the logo rather than the name.

2. Graphic recording is flexible

You may be holding a real-time virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. Whatever the needs of your event, you can use graphic recording to enhance the overall value of the event and accentuate your presence to the audience.

Moreover, graphic recording comes in both digital and manual forms, thus you can apply the type that aligns best with the goals of your event. The majority of graphic recording artists can offer varying kinds of graphic recording services.

3. Promote creativity

When used in meetings that have brainstorming and other audience engagement sessions, graphic recording can foster creativity. Participants will be inclined to think outside the box and come up with novel solutions whenever their ideas are visualized.

4. Support remote participation

For hybrid and virtual events, graphic recording will make the participants feel more connected to the event. The audience will be fully immersed in the conversation or talk going on, and they can follow the discussions visually and participate more effectively whenever required.

5. Promotes understanding and retention

As mentioned before, humans process image-based information better and will retain it long after the event is over. Graphic recording is useful in this aspect as it makes it possible for the attendees to have the main points of the event in their mind, and thus they are more likely to take the desired action.

6. Rise above the distractions

In a world where there is a lot of digital noise and distractions everywhere, there are lots of inputs that demand our attention. This is especially true for live and virtual events where emails, text messages, and other notifications may attempt to take center stage.

Graphic recording makes it easier to beat all these distractions so that the attendees can focus better on the event and keep it that way.

Enjoy the above benefits and more

Hiring a graphic recording artist will open a new channel for you to upgrade all your events and keep the audience always looking forward to the next one.

By hiring a seasoned graphic recorder from The Sketch Effect, you will enjoy additional benefits such as maximized shareability of the main message of your event.


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