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<strong>What is Modded Apk</strong>

I'll tell you one thing before explaining what a mod apk means: you can get a paid app for free with a modded version. App and game developers always give you free stuff and add premium stuff you have to buy first.

APK files contain the app. We edit the APK file, re-upload it, and enable premium features for free. The original apps are not called modified apps. Moreover, I think you got the answer about "What is Modded Apk." 

Is it Illegal To Use Modded Apps:

There are strict copyright laws against using mod apks. Whenever they change the original, they sometimes add pirated code which compromises your privacy. Obviously, the modified version isn't the original one the developer came up with.

Are We At Risk Of Account Banning By Using Modified Apk:

Depending on who makes the modded version of an app, it could be good or bad. There are times when we have account ban issues, and other times it works just fine. Many people can't afford to pay for things, so they always download mods.