AN Whatsapp Download New Updated Version 2022

AN Whatsapp Download New Updated Version 2022
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Have you ever thought about modifying your WhatsApp? As we know, WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. We use it to text and voice call with our loved ones without losing our cash. An Whatsapp or AnWhatsapp is also a great mod for WhatsApp. 

  1. AN WhatsApp Pro is one of the best-modified versions of An Whatsapp Download in this era that has tons of cool features that you won’t find in any other app.
  2. The most important thing about using this app is it is 100% secure and safe.
  3. This article will provide all information related to ANWhatsApp Apk along with its key features and installation guide, so let’s start without wasting your time.

ANWhatsApp is the latest WhatsApp version that you can install on your phone. It comes with lots of themes, privacy options, and also emojis. Not to mention that some mods allow you to hide online status and control the last seen menu.

What is ANWhatsapp

 ANWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, and it’s available in 10 different versions. You will enjoy many additional features such as complete control over your privacy, pinning up to 30 chats, deleting messages after sending them, sending videos up to 700MB, etc.

AN Whatsapp Download

ANWhatsApp is an app that allows you to modify the official WhatsApp application. It has various features such as locking your chats with a password, hiding notifications of a particular conversation, backing up all your conversations, sending more prominent files than 16 MB, etc. 

  1. AN Whatsapp Download is one of the most popular social media applications.
  2. With Whatsapp communication becomes more accessible to stay in touch anytime.
  3. Furthermore, ANWhatsApp offers different themes from more than one hundred options.

 You can take a snapshot or a video, save it and then send it to your friends and family or upload it to your favorite social network. You can even communicate with a group of people using this application.

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Why use AN Whatsapp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app used worldwide, and this messenger application allows you to send text messages and make voice calls. It is free to use and download, so more people use it if they want to learn more information about AN WhatsApp.

 An Whatsapp APK  is a free chat application for android users. Its speed, graphics, and fast transmission are its fascinating features. One of the first features is that it can be used on any Android device. The user-friendly UI makes it easier to use, even for new people in chat apps.

With this application, firstly, you should know that the app lets you send text messages and make calls via the internet connection with other WhatsApp users. In this way, you can save your cellular plan costs.

AnWhatsapp Download was designed to help you use WhatsApp without interference or downtime. This feature will not work for those who use the Internet regularly because it cannot auto-recognize the online status.

What’s New 

  • Send pictures and short videos, chat dialer on WhatsApp, and more.
  •  WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app used to communicate via phone or computer. 
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  • Send text messages and photos to friends and loved ones regarding your location, and share your everyday life moments.
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  • Besides that, an apk whatsApp is a popular messaging app enjoyed by more than 1 billion people worldwide.
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  •  With fast and reliable push notifications.
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  • An extremely-easy-to-use interface which give functionality leads normal.
  • Whatsapp is the perfect choice for chatting with friends and family.
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  • Dual browsing optionis tabbed with missing action records.
  • Free to Download ANWhatsapp only on TECHBIGiS.
  • Local text messages by clicking the lock mode.
  • Group chat with and timeline that is displayed a chrome desktop government. 
  • Connect with your family and friends.
  • It’s up to date that continue the icon recognizing the public.
  • Moreover, An Whatsapp Chat gives you an updated version.

Features of ANWhatsapp

Let’s dig into some of the unique and outstanding features of AN Whatsapp:

1- Switch between 5 accounts

With the new switch accounts feature, you can have up to five different versions within one app. This lets you log into your various accounts from the same phone number without switching SIM cards. This, plus many other features, makes Ammar the only messenger you will ever need.

2- Privacy Features 

One of the most annoying apps is the “forward” function. You can hide tracks, pictures, videos, and all statuses using an invisible key in your app. There are two sections that you activate one at a time or all together: “prevent forward” and “hide forward .”You can reveal them in Settings/Hidden On-Call screen. You can also add a reminder in one of the chat bubbles to tell you that you activated it. Moreover, please keep it for yourself, but use the recommended link to forward it once it fades. 

3- ANWhatsapp Media Options.

AN WhatsApp is a free modification for everyone who wants to increase WhatsApp’s limit of sending images. Aside from that, the maximum image size you can send will be increased from 40MB to 700MB instead of 40KB.

4- Themes Store 

AnWhatsApp has a feature known as the AnWhatsApp+11 theme store. AnWhatsapp Download allows users to express their support and make themes for others to use. Besides that, it also has several default themes that come with An Whatsapp Download and can be changed quickly as FM Whatsapp.

Quick View

  • Pause voice notes. 
  • Anwhatsapp Chat
  • Anwhatsapp English
  • You can add reactions to messages.
  • Download Anwhatsapp
  • Anwhatsapp Download
  • Set an emoji
  • Anwhatsapp Mod
  • Download An Whatsapp
  • Anwhatsapp 2022
  • An Whatsapp Be Hacked
  • Customize your profile photo.
  • Download ANWA
  • Resume voice note same as the original Whatsapp.
  • An Whatsapp Pro
  • Hide your blue ticks.
  • An Whatsapp2 Update
  • Multiple stickers. 
  • Best privacy policy.
  • Fast and secure chats.
  • Stop forward messages.

How to Download AN Whatsapp

Download An Whatsapp the latest version and update your existing application to keep messages and conversations you have already exchanged. The new version of AnWhatsApp will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

How to Install AN Whatsapp

Know all the details about your favorite chat app. If you have an existing account, please do not delete the previous version of the app. Moreover, just download the latest and install the update for your latest version to be intact.

  • Open the mobile setting 
  • Then go for the unknown source.
  • Click on the installation button.
  • Wait for a bit of bit moment 
  • Congratulations! An Whatsapp APK  has been installed on your smartphone. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About ANWhatsapp

What’s New in the Anwhatsapp Latest Version?

AN WhatsApp is the latest version available for Android and other smartphones. It uses mobile data or Wi-Fi to send text messages, images, video, user location, and audio media messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers. This also includes themes, interference, and many more. 

Is it safe to use An Whatsapp? 

Being on ANWhatsApp is entirely safe. You also don’t have to worry about getting your account banned. We have built-in features to prevent you from getting banned and protect your account from any malicious activity.

AnWhatsapp Review

1- Robert 

An WhatsApp is a reliable tool for people to communicate in group chats or with friends and family. It also allows the users to delete all their messages at once. Besides that, without any third-party apps, it deletes the entire chats instantly.”

2- Johnson 

AnWhatsapp is a simple app that allows you to send texts, make voice calls, and even share high-quality videos, photos, voice notes, and more with your friends and family. Moreover, your messages are stored in an encrypted database, and your privacy will never be compromised.

Final Words

One of the most popular messaging applications globally, it is now available for Android tablets. Download the app and get a load of themes on this An Whatsapp. All your messages are already synced and accessible everywhere you go. You can also back up your chats by configuring the settings. Aside from that, this Anwhatsapp  has ten different features, you can choose which one you wish to put to use.

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