GB Whatsapp Lite | GBWhatsApp Mini Latest 2022

GB Whatsapp Lite | GBWhatsApp Mini Latest 2022
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Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most trendy social messaging application globally. Everyone has installed it on their smartphones. But despite having some exciting features like Gb Whatsapp Lite or GbWhatsapp Mini story sharing, calling, etc., some limitations make you feel angry and irked after some time. Moreover, you can only send one message at a time. Sometimes you face problems regarding network connectivity and data usage that make it even more challenging to use the app.

Suppose you want to enjoy all the premium features of Whatsapp for no cost; download GB Whatsapp Lite. Whatsapp Lite offers many features not available in the official Whatsapp application. These features in GB Whatsapp Mini include hiding online status, blue ticks, and much more. You can also send or receive multiple messages simultaneously with just a few clicks. GB Whatsapp Mini is an anti-ban application that ensures you do not get banned.

What is GB Whatsapp Lite?

Whatsapp Mini is also known as GB MOD because it offers you to modify your account settings according to your requirements. It permits you to send unlimited messages to your contacts without spending money on SMS packages. You can change any theme and change the background color or pattern. O Que Whatsapp Gb allows you to add some emojis to make your chats more interesting and fun.

In O Que Whatsapp Gb, you will get features like sending large files, hiding blue ticks, hiding last seen, etc. You can also share your current location with anyone with a few clicks. Moreover, it provides 24/7 customer support if you face issues while using GB Whatsapp lite on your device. You can also get themes for GBWhatsapp lite, which are not available on the official Whatsapp. This feature makes this messaging application unique compared to others.

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Why use Whatsapp Lite?

You don’t have to pay a cent to use GB Whatsapp lite. Gb Whatsapp Benefits can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and used without paying any charges. GBWhatsApp Mini is free to use, so you will not need to pay a subscription fee to keep it updated. This application is also compatible with smartphones, PCs, and laptops same as Messenger Plus Plus.

Download: GB Whatsapp Download, FmWhatsapp, Messenger++ APK, GB Whatsapp Lite, TMWhatsapp APK, Whatsapp++, Instagram Plus, Insta, or other Applications

Gb Whatsapp Lite Review

So, today we are giving Whatsapp Review. I consider the best messaging app available is WhatsApp, but the Application has limited features. Moreover, the WhatsApp Lite is the best thing I like about it, which lets me exchange information much more quickly than ever before.” “A great way to keep in touch with the wider global community.” I prefer GBWhatsApp Mini to other means of communication.”

Gb Whatsapp Benefits

It would help if you used GB Whatsapp Lite APK or GBWhatsApp Mini because of these reasons:

  • You can use this application on low-end devices.
  • Whatsapp Gb Lite Download has an anti-ban feature, so you will not get banned even after using any third-party application on your device.
  • You can also change the themes of your account with just a few clicks and make it look more beautiful compared to other versions.
  • Gb Whatsapp Mini is also ad-free, so you do not have to see any annoying advertisements when using the application.
  • You can hide online status, blue ticks, and second ticks using GB Whatsapp lite just with a single click.
  • Gb Whatsapp Mini also allows you to send multiple messages simultaneously.
  • It is free to download and use because GB Whatsapp Mini does not contain ads or premium features.


One of WhatsApp’s most popular modded versions, GB WhatsApp Lite or GbWa Mini, is widely used. GB WhatsApp Pro was made by Atnaf Hoaks. The GB WhatsApp Mini is a smaller version of the original GB WhatsApp that the Atnaf Hoaks developed. Aside from that, the GBWhatsApp Mini app’s function is simple, and its interface is easy to use for both newcomers and experts. 

GBWhatsApp Mini: Advantages

  • Download Gb Whatsapp Lite is a very lightweight application. You will find many themes pre-installed in GB Whatsapp lite that you can use to personalize your WhatsApp account.
  • GBWhatsApp Mini has an auto-reply feature that allows you to send a pre-written message on your behalf when you are offline.
  • The application has an inbuilt lock feature that lets you lock your WhatsApp account with a password.
  • You do not need to worry about the storage space on your device as it does not even require more than 200KB. 
  • You do not have to spend a single penny using Gbwhatsapp Lite because GB Whatsapp Mini offers premium features for free. There is no need to pay for themes, multiple messages, anti-ban, and other valuable features this incredible application offers. 
  • Additionally, suppose you are concerned about the security of your data. In that case, you do not have to worry about anything because Gb Whatsapp Lite Download also provides a high level of protection for your account so that no one can hack your account.

Features of Whatsapp Mini

GB Whatsapp lite offers many new and premium features not available in the original Whatsapp application. Some of them are given below:

Hide Online Status

If you do not want anyone to know that you are online on Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp lite APK is the best option. In this app, there is an option to hide your online status from others so no one will be able to know when you were last seen on WhatsApp. The official Whatsapp application does not allow its users to hide their online status from others like Og Whatsapp. But if you Download GB Whatsapp lite, you do not need to worry about it anymore because GB Whatsapp Mini allows you to hide your online status from others.

Hide Blue Ticks

It becomes pretty annoying when you forget to reply to someone’s message as blue ticks appear against that message. But using Gb Whatsapp Lite Download, you can hide these blue ticks from any account and use them without any tension. Just enable this feature from the settings menu and enjoy. Moreover, double blue ticks can also be hidden using the same method. You can later send a quick reply, or they will never come to know whether you saw their message or not.

Hide Second Tick

Gb Whatsapp Lite Apk feature allows you to hide the second tick from your friend’s screen so that they will never come to know whether you sent them a message or not. In this Gb Whatsapp Hidden Features, hiding the second tick is similar to hiding the blue tick, but there are slight changes. The second tick appears when you send a message, and GB Whatsapp Mini gets delivered to the receiver successfully.

Hide Last Seen

The privacy of the users is a significant concern for all of us. No one wants to share their activities with others. GB Whatsapp Lite provides this facility to its users that they can hide their online status from people they do not want to see. So, there is no need to worry about your privacy, as you can keep everything private with this application.

Gb Whatsapp Benefits and Extra Features

Must readout these Gb Whatsapp Hidden Features:

Multiple Message Sending

GB Whatsapp allows you to send multiple messages to your friends, family, and colleagues. You can quickly send multiple images to your friends with this application. With official Whatsapp, you can send a maximum of ten messages to a maximum number of five contacts. But with GB Whatsapp Lite, you can send the same message to unlimited contacts without any restrictions.

Unlimited themes

You can change the theme of your original WhatsApp application with it. There are unlimited premium themes available in Gb Whatsapp Lite Apk, so you can pick any of them you like and make your account look more attractive than before. All the premium themes are available for free. So you can apply them according to your taste and preferences.

Free Download

One of the best features of Gb Light Number is that you can download GB Whatsapp Mini for free and use it as long as you want. So you do not have to pay a single penny for downloading or using this application on any device. Additionally, you do not need to spend your hard-earned real-world money on in-app purchases like premium themes, monthly subscriptions, membership, etc.


Uninstall and reinstall your software. Download Whatsapp Gb Lite is handy for security purposes as it provides anti-ban protection to your account. Your account can be reactivated within 24 hours if it has been suspended. Hence, you would not get banned or suspended from using Gb Whatsapp Download Lite on your device. Therefore, you can use GB Whatsapp Mini without any worry of getting blocked. 


If an official Whatsapp application is installed on your device, you must be aware that GB Whatsapp Mini is not full of ads. But if you download and install Gb Whatsapp Hidden Features on your Android smartphone, you get rid of all these irritating ads for free as it does not contain any ads. As there are no ads in this application, you can use it without paying anything or seeing any unwanted information on your screen for no reason. 

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Tips to Download and Install GB Whatsapp Lite?

To install GB Whatsapp Lite on your device, follow these instructions step by step:

  1. First, you need to roll back the original WhatsApp account.
  2. You can then download the Gb Whatsapp Download Lite from the link given below in this article.
  3. After downloading, click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  4. Allow unknown sources to install this app successfully.
  5. After installing GB WA Lite APK, it will ask you to enter your mobile phone number. GB Whatsapp Mini will verify the mobile number by sending an OTP. 
  6. After entering your OTP, GB Whatsapp Mini will now ask you to restore your chats and media files from your original WhatsApp account. If you do not want to convert those chats and media files, click the “DO NOT Restore” button. Now you can use Gb Whatsapp Lite App. 

Gb Whatsapp Lite VS Whatsapp

The main difference between Gb Whatsapp Lite and Whatsapp is that the Whatsapp Orginal Application gives uses limited features. But this Whatsapp Lite gives more features same like Gb Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Lite MOD Quick View

  • Turn off Bluetick.
  • Disable typing.
  • Hiding status is straightforward.
  • Private calls are easy.
  • Bulk SMS is easy.
  • Simple to use.
  • Unblockable.
  • Hiding audio recording.
  • Using airplane mode.
  • Using the night mode.
  •  Write status is hidden immediately.
  •  Icons of various launchers.
  •  Secret chat.
  •  Message replies automatically.
  •  You can put stickers on the phone.
  •  There is 100MB of audio sharing.
  •  A variety of GIFs are available.
  •  There is a backup feature for digital stores.
  • Specific dishonest with the active principal mod.
  •  The icons on the launcher are cool.
  • Choices Equivalent with clone customized developers.
  •  Messages are deleted immediately.
  •  Enable password protection.
  •  You can watch videos on Exchange.
  • Locations are also widespread and need an equivalent.
  •  You can access log information.
  •  Block unwanted calls.
  • Lighter tablet to create the info instant live videos.
  •  You can chat or message online.
  •  Fantastic photos, click styles.
  •  Customize the notifications.
  •  A message scheduler’s advantages.
  • Easily and faster additional elements.
  •  Include creating and utilizing message schemas. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Gb Whatsapp Lite

Is GB Whatsapp lite safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use on your Android mobile phone because it does not contain any malicious files and has been tested for safety by experts. The app does not leak your private information and keeps your chats safe from hackers. So do not worry about getting banned from using this app. 

Can I download GB Whatsapp lite from the Google Play store?

You cannot download this application from the Google Play store because it is unavailable due to copyright issues. But you can download its latest version for free from our website using the link given below.

How do I change the theme on GB Whatsapp Lite?

You need to download a theme and apply it on the GB Whatsapp lite app. Therefore, open the app, go to the ‘GB Settings’, and click on ‘Theme Option.’ Now select ‘Load Theme’ and choose the theme you downloaded earlier. Finally, click on the ‘Apply’ button to finish the process.

What is GB Whatsapp lite for Android?

The GB Whatsapp lite for Android is a mod version of the original WhatsApp application that provides premium features for free. You can use all its features without spending anything and customize them as per your requirements.

Can I install GBWhatsapp Lite APK on my PC?

No, currently, there is no support for PC or laptop users. You can only enjoy these premium features on Android smartphones. Still, if you are looking for a way to do so, you will have to download an emulator like Bluestacks. After that, you can install GB WA lite on your PC and start enjoying its premium features for for

Can I use one mobile number for two accounts?

No, you cannot use one mobile number for two accounts at once with the help of GB WA lite. If you want to make two accounts with one mobile number, you have to log out from the old account and sign in with the new one. 

Does GB Whatsapp Mini use more data than the original Whatsapp application?

No, GB Whatsapp lite does not consume more data than the original WhatsApp application. You can use both applications and enjoy their features with no extra charges for data usage.


GB Whatsapp Lite is entirely free without any charges taken from the users. It is also a bug-free application that does not crash or misbehave while using it. The Gb Whatsapp Lite App allows you to use dual accounts simultaneously on a single device. You will find many themes free on the internet, and you can download them with just a few clicks. GB Whatsapp Mini also allows you to change the theme of your account with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can send files, documents, and videos upto 1GB in size to anyone. So download it now.

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