AbWhatsapp With Serial Key (Ab Whatsapp 2022)

AbWhatsapp With Serial Key (Ab Whatsapp 2022)
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Do you want the latest ABWhatsapp version? Then you’ve come to the right place. It is now easy to download AB Whatsapp on your device. In this version of the Whatsapp mod, you’ll find many wonderful and unique features. Besides that, it has an excellent interface and offers many customization options.

There is a new version of the WhatsApp mod called AB Whatsapp. You can find it under the name Whatsapp++ on the Google Play Store or can directly download abwatsapp on our website TECHBIGiS. You can do more with this app than with Whatsapp’s official app. Moreover, there are more customization options offered here as well.

What is AbWhatsapp

The popularity of this Whatsapp mod is increasing in India and among international users. People love to use it because they get more security than the official app, and also, the usage is very friendly and straightforward. Moreover, you can hide last seen, lock chats, and much more. Besides that, Ab Whatsapp Dp is compatible with Android mobile phones and tablets.

AB Whatsapp mod is a custom version of the original Whatsapp. This Whatsapp apk has incredible features like status download, copy other’s status, freeze last seen, hide typing, always online, and many more. With this modded service, you can hide/lock your chats, show blue ticks only after replying, and many more amazing things waiting for you to explore.

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AbWhatsapp Features 

The journey for all in one AB Whatsapp is about to begin. Want to know what are all the features of this app? Moreover, you will be surprised by the features we have listed below.

Abwhatsapp Download

1- Anti Ban 

This Abwhatsapp Download comes with a feature of inbuilt themes, and there are many different types of themes available in this apk. You can choose the theme from multiple themes. Each theme has its color and beauty. Moreover, Ab Whatsapp Latest Version is a safe and secure app so you can use this Whatsapp mod apk for free.

2- Customization

With Abwhatsapp Apk, you can download 100+ unique themes from the Whatsapp store and apply them to your profile. The Whatsapp feature includes custom logos, fonts, styles, bubbles, blue ticks, etc. Custom themes are also available for this Whatsapp.

3- Custom Privacy Policy

With ABWhatsapp, you will be able to do many fun things with your contacts on Whatsapp. With the help of these Whatsapp mods, You can schedule your messages, so they are sent at any date or time that you want. Also, send over 100 images at once and a lot more features. Besides that, you can mark yourself as invisible on Whatsapp, so none of your contacts will be able to see if you are online.

4- Hide/Freeze Last Seen

AB WhatsApp is a modded version of the WhatsApp app with advanced features that the original WhatsApp does not have. Download Ab Whatsapp has a fantastic feature to freeze last seen for privacy purposes. Most users want to hide their last seen and online status, which is only possible with this mod if your friend uses Abwhatsapp Apk. AB Whatsapp has many more cool features like hiding blue tick, second tick, typing notification, etc.

5- Anti Revoke Message 

One of the best features is anti-revoke (revoke). You can see all the Whatsapp messages you have been sent, and the people who are sending those messages cannot delete those messages. You can view all the last messages that others have deleted.

How to Download AbWhatsapp

The links below will allow you to download the Abwhatsapp Apk. 

  • Wait for the download to finish after clicking the button. 
  • Please wait a few seconds until the download begins. 
  • The application will ask for the location to save the file. 
  • Now save the download path for the apk file.
  • Ab Whatsapp Dp will take a few minutes for the download to complete. 
  • That’s it! You can now download the Whatsapp mod.

Why use AB Whatsapp

With Abwhatsapp Download, you get a lot more security and privacy than in the official WhatsApp. This app is viral in India and all around the World. People use it because they want to customize their WhatsApp or get a bit more security and privacy, like in WhatsApp+/AB Whatsapp.

You can lock any particular Whatsapp chat or group with a password. You can directly log in to Whatsapp without entering the passcode every time you open WhatsApp. Besides that, Download the pre-modded Abwhatsapp Download now and also visit Messenger++.

How to Install Ab Whatsapp

  • Now go to the settings of your android device and allow unknown sources.
  •  After that, click this Download button and download the ab Whatsapp app.
  • Click on the installation button.
  • Besides that, wait a few seconds.
  • After installing the Ab Whatsapp, open Whatsapp and make an account and enjoy this app.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs About AbWhatsapp

What is AbWhatsapp?

AB Whatsapp mod is a custom version of the original Whatsapp. This Whatsapp apk has incredible features like status download, copy other’s status, freeze last seen, hide typing, always online, and many more.

Is it safe to use Ab Whatsapp?

Yes, this application is 100% safe. You can safely use this application without any worries of being banned because of the team of expert developers. Moreover, they include several advanced features in this application without compromising your privacy while keeping the security at its best.

How to update Ab Whatsapp? 

For any app, the most essential and integral thing is its update. When ABWhatsapp gets an update, those users who have already installed this app will get a pop-up notification asking them to update it.

Quick View

  •  Change Screen Press Icon
  •  Conversation Video Additions
  •  Admin Wide Translation Distinctive
  •  Possibility Variety Matters
  •  Crashes Email Style Ability
  •  Normal Distinguish Preview Row
  •  Tab Fixes With Main Effects
  •  Notifications Cut Counter Contact
  •  Ship Voice List Clickable
  •  Conversations Suggestion Background Image
  •  Cappotential Opinions Speed Disable
  •  Capacity Size Colors Dial
  •  Bar Loading Supports Statistics
  •  Extrade Hidden Videos Suggestions
  •  Design Calls Improvements Box

Final Words

The AB Whatsapp app is a modified version of Whatsapp with helpful features that other mods lack. If you are looking for a modified version of GB Whatsapp, ABWhatsapp is the best option as it has all the GB Whatsapp features but with an additional unique interface.

The ABWhatsApp Download button will provide you with the latest version of this WhatsApp mod apk. The best thing about this download is that you have many privacy-related features and extra security. It includes hiding and locking your WhatsApp chats and hiding your last seen.

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