How 5G Is Disrupting The Online Gaming Industry

How 5G Is Disrupting The Online Gaming Industry
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5G is the next generation of mobile networks allowing for the fastest mobile speeds we’ve ever seen, providing connectivity to most phones.

The 5G rollout in the United States is well underway; chances are you’re using 5G mobile speeds on your phone and other tech devices right now. We’re already seeing the deep-rooted impact that 5G is having across the world in a number of industries. With retail, we’re seeing more and more users make their purchases on a mobile network on their phones; 5G speeds make transactions that much quicker for customers, with no line required. In the media and entertainment sector, we’re benefiting from engineering wireless services, now we’re seeing more network platforms offer full downloads for their shows. Even if one isn’t willing to download large files, 5G allows for fast and high-quality streaming of programming that was once locked behind a WiFi connection and or cable line.

5G will directly impact gaming as the medium for competition continues to skyrocket in popularity. Indeed, eSports has been an accepted form of online gaming for a while now, and that industry is seeing the upside of 5G technology. In the modern world, online gaming isn’t just about eSports and young people hunched over screens in a darkened room – it’s about much more.

Consider this; online poker is part of the industry. Across the country, online poker legislation is becoming more common, attracting new players. That makes it another sector reaping the rewards of 5G. The same goes for all online casinos; you can now connect to 5G and play a game with a live dealer whether at home, work or on a bus. Mobile สล็อตออนไลน์ is huge, and outside of the casino and poker industry, there are millions of players racing cars, battling wizards or shooting enemies on their mobiles, all see the benefits of 5G technology.

Regardless of genre, 5G is leaving an industry-wide footprint in gaming and technology right now; but how is it doing so?

The Speed of 5G

As we mentioned in the beginning, the biggest aspect of 5G that most were and are still talking about is the raw speed. Whether you’re downloading a game from the app store or waiting for said game to load, it’s going to load faster on your mobile device than ever before. Statistics and tests show that 5G runs 20 times faster than the previous generation of mobile speeds. Now you’re loading into poker tables and playing hands with your friends quickly; no longer are you waiting to play games because 5G is closely competing with the speed of WiFi.

The Impact of Low Latency

Speed is, of course, needed to download games quickly, but it’s the lack of latency that allows gameplay to run smoothly for all users which is extremely important for playing games online. No one wants to be in the middle of a poker hand, having all players take their turn but then experiencing lag because of latency which was an issue with 4G. 5G means when players take their shots on Call of Duty, it is immediately translated in-game and in the UI. First-person shooters have to deal with this on a higher level because of the reaction time required, low latency means these games run smoother regardless of how many people are in a match, even if it’s over 100, like in CoD.

The Accessibility of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is nothing new, but we haven’t necessarily seen all that this new technology can do. However, with 5G, people all over the world are able to take advantage of this. Cloud gaming means users can play games over a server instead of having to download a file or purchase a disk for their console, phone, PC etc. 5G means that the communications between your device and their servers are not only possible but also faster than previously possible via mobile. As cloud gaming continues to evolve, services like Xbox’s Game Pass, playing through the cloud on Nintendo’s online service and more become viable with 5G.

5G has only been around for a few years, but we’re seeing the gaming industry take full advantage of all the features that high speed presents. It doesn’t matter if you’re raising the stakes in poker, trying to capture the objective in CoD or trying out a brand new game in the Cloud; 5 G is bringing us into the next generation.

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