Is Final Fantasy XVI as Good as They Say It Is?

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Square Enix is known for the Final Fantasy series that it has created. One of the most iconic Final Fantasy games has always been Final Fantasy VII and the Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PlayStation 4. However, Square Enix outdid itself when it created Final Fantasy XVI which just came out very recently on the PlayStation 5. They say the game is so good that it overworks the PS5 to its limits only to show you how brilliant the game is.

If you wish to buy the game digitally, you can purchase it from the PlayStation Store and you can then install it onto your PS5. To ensure that the game downloads as fast as possible, you need to make sure that your internet connection at home is fast enough. We recommend Spectrum for online gaming, which is already popular for its stellar internet service.

Now, the question is, is the game as good as they say it is? And if it is, then what does the game offer that makes it so irresistible? Here are some things about the game that we like, enough to make the game stand out:

A Game of Thrones Kind of Vibe

One thing that we noticed about the game was that it had a very Game of Thrones kind of vibe with its action and storyline. The game follows the story of a young man called Clive Rosfield who is a little over 18 and he transitions from an aristocrat to a revolutionary who must protect his homeland. In his kingdom, there are people called Dominants who can transition into god-like creatures called Eikons.

The game has the same theme of a sense of right and wrong that the player has to determine. Other than that, the game has taken a lot of inspiration from the hit TV show Game of Thrones itself. The producer of the game, Naoki Yoshida, asked the whole development team of the game to watch Game of Thrones so that they could get inspiration for the game.

A Devil May Cry Kind of Combat Style

People who have loved playing Devil May Cry will like the fighting style in Final Fantasy XVI as well. The combat and fighting style in Final Fantasy XVI is very much similar to the Devil May Cry series, which is already popular for its fighting style. The combat director for Final Fantasy XVI, Ryota Suzuki has worked for a very long time in Capcom. The combat in the game makes it fun to play. In the game, Clive can combine his fighting moves so that he could create great combos out of them.

As you progress through the game, you also unlock new abilities for Clive which make him even more powerful and ruthless. It also depends on you, how you use those combos to your avail and also look cool doing them. Your PS5 starts overworking itself once you get into a battle with an Eikon mentioned earlier.

The Idea of Fighting Nations

Just like Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy XVI also features fighting nations that are at war with each other so that they could possess the Mothercrystals. These crystals are ores that are a source of immense energy and magic. To gain possession of these crystals and the powers that they harbor, all the nations including Rosaria where Clive is from, are at war with each other. This is also another reason why Clive has to protect his homeland from the attacking nations and he has to work as a revolutionary leader to do that.

The Long Gameplay

If you go into the details of the game, the main storyline, crafting all the weapons, having done every hunt and taken on every challenge, then the game would take you around 70 hours to complete. This is enough for any gamer and it also gives you a chance to completely immerse yourself into the game and its intricate details. You can also go for New Game+ after you end the game for the first time so that you could play the game again with all your upgrades, weapons, and abilities, making it an even better experience.

If you wish to challenge yourself, you can also play the game again in Final Fantasy Mode, which is the hardest difficulty level of the game. You could say it is equal to the hardcore mode you would find on any other game. The stakes are higher and you need the nerve to finish the game on this level.

Wrapping Up

When they say that Final Fantasy XVI is an amazing game, they do mean it and it is true. The only way to find out would be if you played the game yourself!

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