Supermicro Solutions: PHC Cluster

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The advancement of computational science continues to create game-changing innovations, leading to improved quality of life for many people. High-performance computing (HPC) is an essential tool that fuels this advancement. Today, scientists fuse traditional simulations with artificial intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, and machine learning to improve operations. 

AI and HPC Cluster Solutions at Supermicro

An HPC cluster contains various hardware and software solutions that handle vast amounts of data at high speeds. With the increased data in many organizations due to the evolution of technologies such as artificial intelligence, companies find solutions to process the data and stay competitive. 

Supermicro offers high-performance computing solutions that solve complex problems experienced worldwide. This guide takes you through HPC cluster solutions that can help you stay competitive. 


Supermicro can help you accelerate discoveries with our wide range of products and solutions. We help businesses build HPC solutions from the ground up. 

Our professionals apply best practices, offering ready-to-use services that optimize all aspects of different solutions to solve various challenges in HPC. This helps simplify and deploy supercomputers. 

With our HPC cluster solutions, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including system configuration, motherboard design, building blocks, liquid cooling systems, and a fully integrated track. Our team provides solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is computer algorithms that automatically enhance models and build systems that learn. Supermicro partnered with Canonical to offer solutions that feature TensorFlow Machine Learning. 

The Machine Learning solution is built and validated with Supermicro SuperServers, Ethernet switches, and SuperStorage to increase performance, scalability, quality, and reliability. 

Canonical helps companies leverage Ubuntu. They also offer quality tools, modern metrics, monitoring tools, libraries, and services that make CDK highly consumable, leading to increased innovation. 

Deep Learning Solution

Deep Learning is another HPC cluster solution provided by Supermicro. This artificial intelligence (AI) method enables computers to process data based on the inspiration of the human brain. Supermicro embraced Deep Learning technology to analyze data and make various application predictions. Supermicro AI & Deep Learning advantages include the following:

• Powerhouse for computation

• High-density parallel compute

• Increased bandwidth with NVLink

• Faster processing with Tensor Core

• Scalable design

Supermciro offers a Rapid Flash Xtreme (RFX) high-performance all-flash NVMe storage system. This system is highly developed and effectively tested for AI and Deep Learning applications integrating the Supermicro BigTwin™ and the WekaIO parallel filing system.

AI Processing Solutions

The two AI processing solutions are NVIDIA and INTEL. With the increased scientific complexities, NVIDIA provides a highly accelerated data center platform that helps organizations handle the growing demands in all market segments. Supermicro has partnered with NVIDIA to deliver various NVIDIA Certified Solutions. These solutions enhance the performance and efficiency of small businesses to massive, affiliated AI training HPC clusters with the new NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. The partnership between Supermicro and NVIDIA increased performance nine times from the previous AI models. 


The increased demand for game streaming and visual inference requires highly efficient and scalable solutions to accommodate the changes in various organizations. With quality solutions, organizations can deliver services to millions of people without quality or latency issues. 

The Intel AI technologies can be integrated with the Supermicro systems to perform complex computations and increase performance since it contains a higher-density GPU. 

The new Intel Data Center GPU Max Series is designed to scale up and scale out HPC and visualization tools. This helps with cloud workloads such as cloud gaming, media processing and delivery, AI visual inference, and transcoding. 

Liquid Cooling

Advanced HPC solutions from Supermicro contribute to high-performance computing infrastructure. They deliver optimum efficiency, save energy, and lower costs due to the reduced system fan operation. The systems also improve the PUE of data centers, thus, increasing performance, high-power CPUs, and GPUs. 

The Bottom Line

Supermicro can customize services to meet different workloads for organizations. Whether you need high-capacity storage, high throughput GPUs, or compute-intensive, you can achieve your goals with Supermicro solutions. Contact us to get started. 

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