What is it and how to be a ghostwriter?

What is it and how to be a ghostwriter?
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Have you ever wondered how to be a ghostwriter? The reality today is that many people dream of being able to publish their works and make a living creating stories and proposing unique and original speeches. However, the truth is that in the world we live in, it is increasingly difficult to stand out and gain a foothold in the field of literature.

That is why for years a figure capable of making a living as an author has been created. Of course, he has had to renounce, in exchange, his name of authorship. They are known as “ghost writers”, professionals of letters and texts who provide their services to create all types of stories in exchange for a salary, and can take part in various projects.

What is a ghostwriter?

In the strict sense of the word, a ghostwriter is an author who “hides” behind a name in order to write for him the stories that, due to lack of technique, imagination or time, he cannot create. The name comes very close to being a shadowy figure.

“Writing is inviting the reader to take a walk through the depths of our minds.”

Roberto Martinez Guzman

“Writing is inviting the reader to take a walk through the depths of our mind.” Roberto Martinez Guzman

However, although some time ago they had a bad reputation for being undercover writers with whom some well-known authors got by, the truth is that with the appearance of social networks and the need to create content, they are one of the figures within the publishing world, most acclaimed and requested.

What is a ghostwriter?

Their work consists of creating commissioned works of the nature requested and with the relevant conditions through a contract with an editor or a natural person in exchange for remuneration that varies depending on the length, subject matter and term or time. of delivery.

How to become a ghostwriter?

Nowadays, many people who are passionate about literature seek to carve out a niche for themselves and become authors. If you have your own ideas and what you want is to see your name on the covers, it is best to opt for the advantages of self-publishing or by calling publishing labels door-to-door. However, if what you are looking for is to make a living doing what you like, that is, writing, the field of ghostwriting is one of the most accessible to start with.

If this topic interests you and you want to know a little more about how to become a ghostwriter, here are a series of tips that will help you.

Polish and define your technique

The basis of every good writer is to be able to master a technique that stands out and gives quality to their work. That is why the main thing to be a ghostwriter is to be able to narrate and write well. To do this, if you have not dedicated your training to it, you only have to practice with reading and with creative writing courses, academies or workshops. This way, when you show your work they will be delighted.

Create a good job book or resume

Specialize your writing

As we will see below, ghostwriters usually have some niches where they stand out compared to the rest. That is why if you want to start working as one of them, it is best to decide in which area you want to stand out and specialize so that all interested people can turn to you.

Create a profile and promote yourself

In this world full of new technologies, one of the biggest plus points is that promoting yourself can be very easy. You just have to put yourself in charge of a blog or website and make yourself known either by publishing, interacting with other contacts or running Google SEO campaigns so that the agent contacts you. You can also use social networks like Instagram or LinkedIn or use the influencer tool with pick and shovel.

Types of ghostwriter clients

When deciding to be a ghostwriter, you also have to take into account what type of client usually requests these jobs. It must be taken into account that intellectual property becomes part of it and that is why it is advisable to know the type of services that it will require, in order to specialize. 

Although they can be very diverse and varied jobs, in this section we are going to detail the main types of ghostwriter clients and topics.


Many people have given themselves the space throughout their lives to be able to tell their existence, experiences and their family tree. However, not everyone has that talent and that is why some resort to an investment and create a space of trust with a ghostwriter to write their biography. It is a very personal writing in which very deep themes of the soul such as love or death must be dealt with, but they are usually the best paid jobs, since they are long projects in which you have to enter the other person’s brain.

Blogs and websites

Nowadays there are many channels and websites specialized in all kinds of topics. Content creation is booming and everyone wants to have a reference place where they can find out about politics, economics, medicine, English, tourism, artificial intelligence, religion, business insider, cinema or technical communication. That is why this is one of the great niches that the ghostwriter has, being able to write on several pages on different topics and contributing to quality content on the Internet.

creative blocks

People who want to dedicate themselves to writing know that it is not a bed of roses and that many times they can go through the annoying blank pages and the blockage of creativity. In these cases, if they are in a hurry or impatience to finish or get out of that rut, some authors turn to ghost writers to provide them with new ideas and to take charge of turning things around to finish the work that was costing them so much.

Sagas and novels

The other great niche that ghostwriters have is that of novels and sagas. It often happens that there are people with an enormous imagination capable of creating fantasy worlds, social relationships, imaginary scenarios and realities that are worth telling. However, it does not have the necessary resources or talent. That is why they hire the ideas of a ghostwriter to investigate and put themselves under their perception to give shape to all that imagination.

What are you going to look for when hiring a ghostwriter?

In the same way that as a ghostwriter you will require certain guarantees to be able to set remuneration and deadlines with clients, you must also keep in mind that the people who are going to invest in your talent will be attracted if you demonstrate certain skills that stand out and They give you professionalism.

In this sense, some of the points that many potential clients will pay attention to and value about a ghostwriter are:

  • Transparency: one of the things that is most often valued in a work or business relationship is transparency. If as a writer you are completely open and receptive and promise achievable objectives, trust with your client will be much more fluid.
  • Preparation: you must demonstrate that you have mastered the subject and that you have the tables to be able to carry out the assignment.
  • Own method: style and creativity take on great importance in this type of work. You must demonstrate that you have a defined and attractive style.
  • Timing: Your timing and skill should stand out from the rest. A delivery commitment must be offered that highlights and defines you, being realistic.
  • Budget: you have to value the work that is done but, if the prices, in addition to being adjusted to reality, have guarantees or promotions, your clients will be more attracted.

Salary and compensation of a ghostwriter

The job of ghostwriting is full of advantages as you are able to make a living writing without having to deal with extra publishing expenses such as bindingISBN assignment, choosing paperback format or printing, etc. On the contrary, they are exclusively in charge of creating a manuscript or digital text that reflects the content that their client was looking for and they will be in charge of paying for it and bringing it to light.

This in itself makes it very profitable when it comes to becoming a profession. But, in addition, the salary and remuneration itself come into play and which, for some years now, have been increasingly regularized. Typically, ghostwriters charge per word, but this price can vary depending on the topic and time.

How to Price a Ghostwriter?

In this way, if it is a text in some very specific way in which it has to be documented, an extra fee for specialized text is usually charged. Likewise, if the delivery must be in short periods of time, that dedication also ends up being remunerated. Furthermore, another benefit of being a ghostwriter is that you can take your job across the border and charge for work in euros or even dollars.

With all this, it is very difficult to give an exact figure of what can be earned, since it also depends on the country and what is stipulated. If you are interested in knowing an approximate exact value, it is best to find out how much the word is charged in your country and multiply by the number of words they propose for the project, with all their bonuses if there are any.

What is the contract of a ghostwriter?

When taking up ghostwriting as a profession, you must take into account a series of phenomena to evaluate within this job so that it goes within the law. What happens is that, when you are writing a book, article or magazine on behalf of another person, you may be falling into plagiarism problems without realizing it. That is why a ghostwriter’s contract must have these types of clauses;

  • Confidentiality clause: in which there is a common agreement between client and writer.
  • Copyright – The writer must assign all copyrights in writing to his or her client.
  • Payment methods: it must be agreed whether invoices will be issued, whether it will be in cash, fragmented or on request, etc.
  • Commitment: the commitment of both parties to deliver work and receive fair payment must be evidenced.
  • Guarantee: the content delivered must be original and must not have traces of plagiarism.

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