WhatsApp Indigo Download (Updated) | Indigo Whatsapp

WhatsApp Indigo Download (Updated) | Indigo Whatsapp
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Whatsapp Indigo is one of the most widely used messaging programs. With over 1 million monthly users and 700k who turn to WhatsApp for calling, it’s a helpful app for staying in touch with friends, family, and work colleagues. With features like group chats and photo sharing, Whatsapp is perfect for keeping in touch with those closest to you.

The Whatsapp Group admin and his team have modified the official version of Whatsapp to provide extra features. This revised version is called Whatsapp Indigo 2022. It has replaced the old Whatsapp, which has been available in different iterations for quite some time. Still, after receiving many user requests, developers provided them with a new version of Indigo Whatsapp on the Play Store.

What’s New

  • Whatsapp Indigo is an open-source messaging app, a modified version of Whatsapp. It features such as Whatsapp Plus, unlimited storage space, and much more. Moreover, users may quickly get the newest version on their Android or iPhone smartphones. Whatsapp Indigo is the best option to enhance your messaging experience. 
  • Indigo Whatsapp post will go through Whatsapp Indigo. It is a customized version of official Whatsapp with additional capabilities not seen on official Whatsapp. The latest version of Whatsapp Indigo 2023 has many extra features you cannot get in its original version, supporting video chats and high-speed search, fast boot speed, battery saving mode, etc. Here we will provide information about WhatsApp indigo 2023 download and installation. 

What is Whatsapp Indigo 

Whatsapp Indigo Mod is an advanced, user-friendly application that allows you to customize the interface of the app without changing the actual app. It covers themes, typefaces, logos, and styles, among other things. The Whatsapp mod gives you many incredible options which let you customize the entire overall look and feel of your Whatsapp Android.

  • Indigo Whatsapp is not just another messaging app. It has inbuilt group chats, voice and video calls, DND features, GIFs, stickers, and much more.
  • No matter what you are looking for to spice up your conversation, all these features are available on Indigo Whatsapp as well.

WhatsApp, an instant messaging and voice calling application, is among some of the most popular online services today. Millions of people use Whatsapp to chat with friends, send and receive messages, share media files, and much more. Indigo Whatsapp Chat one-of-a-kind application that makes it easier and faster for users to communicate with each other easily across the globe.

Whatsapp Indigo Features  

WhatsApp’s latest mod apk is a great building block to enhance the security and privacy of your old phone or to perform specific tasks on it. It has many features like avoiding data usage and boosting the performance of your device without increasing its battery consumption. You can also deactivate the social media buttons in WhatsApp, which helps you reduce the chances of seeing ads or other information from third parties.

1- Send larger files

If you want to share large files on WhatsApp, then Indigo Whatsapp Chat is for you. Download the mod apk of Whatsapp and get the maximum size of 1GB. You can now send many videos and images, up to 1GB, on your friend’s WhatsApp account. Whatsapp Indigo is a mod apk that increases the maximum size of files you can share with your friends on the app. With Whatsapp Indigo, you can now send files up to 100 MB in size. 

Moreover, the app has many other features, such as voice calling and multi-person chat in which you can share photos or videos, read texts and messages, or browse contact lists. You can even trade your hidden numbers or change names with the help of Whatsapp Indigo.

2- Online Status Hide/Freeze

If you cannot hide on WhatsApp, Whatsapp Indigo Apk is for you. You can now hide your last seen by Download Whatsapp Indigo and freeze it too. You can communicate with other individuals and do other things without going online. The feature only shows your friends that you are offline. The offline status will be visible only in Whatsapp chats or inboxes. 

You will enjoy downloading it and getting lots of benefits from it. Whatsapp Indigo Download offers to hide your last seen, freeze your last seen, and more features. You can talk to different people without showing them that you are online or offline. It is the most effective Whatsapp mod apk for you. 

3- Status Downloader

It is a new feature of Whatsapp Indigo Download that allows users to download the most famous status & update in a single click. This Whatsapp template status gives you the power to send a beautiful rate you have created. Download this version and add it to your Whatsapp group. Download and enjoy the latest Whatsapp mod apk to experience more Whatsapp features such as the Downloader, sound recorder, video capture, and more.

Whatsapp Indigo

4- Customization with Whatsapp Indigo New Version

You may now customize the Whatsapp mod apk to your liking. It is highly customizable and contains a collection of over 150 themes. You can download the theme and the application to change this app’s entire interface, making it look like an actual mobile phone. Modify your Whatsapp conversations with unique themes, fonts, and more using our new feature. 

Modify Whatsapp conversations and make them more personal with the text thread like AM Whatsapp. The name of  Whatsapp Indigo New Version comes from the color of the theme; if you are a beginner, it is recommended to Download this mod apk, and then you can try it out. 

5- Anti Revoke Message

This WhatsApp hack allows you to view canceled messages without downloading anything. There are two methods to enable this feature: First, by going to Settings -> Chats -> Chats -> Delete all messages, second by going to Apps -> WhatsApp and then clicking on Edit. Now enable the option “Receive deleted messages,” and you will receive the deleted messages from your chat history on WhatsApp.

If you have a WhatsApp mod, there is no reason not to read deleted messages. This Whatsapp patch allows you to view everyone’s deleted messages and recall your friends’ deleted messages. It will enable you to see all erased messages. Moreover, you can also choose to reply to those erased messages. Download this mod if you want to read revoked messages on Whatsapp.

6- Anti Status Delete

Want to wow your Whatsapp friends and family? Well, now, with the help of this Indigo feature, you can view your deleted statuses from any device. You need to click on the ‘Delete’ option in the group and follow up with a special message explaining that you want to save the deleted statuses for later viewing. If you make your friends or family aware of your situation, this feature will help you. It includes replying to them as well same as NEWhatsapp Apk

How to Download or Install Whatsapp Indigo 

Want to use WhatsApp on your Android Phone but don’t know how? We will show you how to install Whatsapp on your Android phone with step-by-step instructions and videos. If you haven’t installed Whatsapp on your phone yet but have an account, this app allows you to use WhatsApp without creating a new one. Learn how to download WhatsApp for your Android device by following this instruction.

  • Allow unknown sources in your Android device’s settings.
  • Now navigate to the apk file’s download location.
  • Click the apk and then the install button.
  • It will just take a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • That’s all there is to installing Whatsapp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Whatsapp Indigo APK 

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Indigo?

You can be confident that IndigoWhatsapp Apk is entirely safe and secure. Whatsapp has been safely modified, so you do not have any bad experiences while using this app. This application is straightforward and has been tried by hundreds of users worldwide. It has never caused any issues while using this app.

How to update Indigo Whatsapp?

We’ve made it simple for you to upgrade your Whatsapp anytime. Navigate to the app’s settings and choose Updates. Finally, click on check for updates to start downloading. It will open the website, download the latest app version, and install it once done. 

How to install Whatsapp Indigo?

Install WhatsApp on your Android device, and sign in with your phone number. Post updates and photos using the interface. Install Whatsapp Indigo on your android device by following these steps. To begin, you must accept unknown sources in your settings. Then, navigate to the apk file’s download location and click the install option. Once downloaded, follow the instructions below to install Indigo Whatsapp Apk on your Android device. You can join our Whatsapp community if you want to chat with other people.

Final Thoughts about Indigo Whatsapp

It is another popular mod on WhatsApp. Download Whatsapp Indigo Terbaru adds many useful features such as downloading old messages, adding custom themes and logos, hiding/freezing the last seen in a chat, custom privacy, custom fonts, and much more. 

You can also add custom themes to your WhatsApp, which means you can update your apps with new features and graphics. This mod allows you to add many options to your Whatsapp profile. You can hide or freeze last seen, download the latest statuses, custom privacy flags, and more. You can also add the logo of your choice add the theme and font of your choice that you want in this mod.


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