Beginner Tips for a League Player Who Wants to Try Dota 2

Beginner Tips for a League Player Who Wants to Try Dota 2
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Dota 2 is one of those games which have always impressed both beginner and pro games, no matter for how long they have been in the market. This is why players worldwide continue to play the game with much excitement and enthusiasm. 

On the other hand, another game that falls in the same line is League of Legends. Both games have attracted gamers from all corners of the world. Now, what happens when a League player wants to play Dota 2?

Well, there are fundamental differences between the two and tips to be followed for every beginner League player who wants to be a pro at Dota 2. In addition, you can get help from  about the hacks and cheats to be used in Dota 2.

Relevant Beginner Tips for a League Player Who Wants to Play Dota 2

Here are some tips for League players who have just started playing Dota 2 and need to learn more about the game.

Learn Your Maps Well

Whereas League of Legends has one main map named Summoner’s Rift, Dota 2 boasts two main maps. The two main maps in Dota 2 are Radiant and Dire. Whereas Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends includes symmetric lanes, the same cannot be said about Dota 2 maps. 

Also, Dota 2 has no bushes to hide behind and only trees, which can be cut anytime. Thus, any League player should learn about these two Dota 2 maps in detail.

Make Use of Multiple Settings

Dota 2 allows you to tweak multiple settings, such as in-game factors and controls, as per your comfort. For example, you can switch on or off the auto attacks and have the option of using or not using the quick cast. 

You can also map your hotkeys in a manner that they become familiar with usage. Also, try different settings to enable the best setting for your game plan.

Mana Cost Matter a Lot

Mana cost or points is the actual amount of mana in a unit. This mana bar is represented by a blue bar below the Health bar. Now League players find it normal to have less than 100 mana costs, and in the League game, players can start with 250 mana points at Level 1. 

However, this is different from Dota 2. Mana points hold much importance in the game, and even a single use of mana points can quickly drain your points quotient. Therefore, you need at least 150 mana points to reach Level 1 in Dota 2, and your hero should have 200 mana points to start with. However, in Dota 2, even a single time you use these mana points, it can cost you a lot.

Learn About Roles and Lanes

Another difference between the two games is role distribution. While in the League game, most of the heroes are set into only one single role, it is not so in Dota 2. The heroes in this game can be set into multiple roles. 

In Dota 2, these roles are set into positions ranging from 1 to 5 as per the farm priority. For example, in position 1, the hero can make the most of his gold. In position 2, the hero can effectively counter any enemy draft.

Understand Your Hero’s, Power Spike

Another trick to be adopted for League players playing Dota 2 is understanding their hero’s power spike. You must understand that every hero has his strongest time in the game. It would help if you learned your hero’s strengths and weaknesses in detail to use them in situations where they fit best. 

Final Words

Both Dota 2 and the League of Legends have a lot of followers in the gaming world. However, there are significant differences between the two; every player needs to know when they want to play the other game.

Thus, if you are a League player attracted to Dota 2, you should know some basic things about the game. This is where the tips, as mentioned earlier, come into the picture. So, use these tips and become a pro at Dota 2, even if you have been a League player. Happy playing!

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