WhatsApp Mini APK Latest Version Download

WhatsApp Mini APK Latest Version Download
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Over the years, WhatsApp has been a big name regarding its users’ security and privacy. This Whatsapp Mini was created to bring more privacy to the world’s most popular messaging app. The original Whatsapp Mini Apk allows users to hide their last seen messages, second tick, and blue tick.

Whatsapp B58 Mini is a simple app that allows you to hide the recent contacts, last seen, and blue tick. Blue tick is an excellent feature from WhatsApp by which your chats with friends are shown on top of the list when you try to figure out who has most recently messaged you. With it, you can hide all these features and get other privacy features too. 

What is Mini Whatsapp

However, remember that not everything will remain concealed indefinitely, so don’t be too concerned. WhatsApp B58 Mini users may permanently cover their database by following the steps and methods outlined in the Whatsapp Mini Apk article.

The best secure messaging app. It has the same functionality as WhatsApp but with additional privacy choices. It allows you to store messages and phone calls on Google Drive like Whatsapp Arabic.

What’s New

  • WhatsApp B58 Mini is a lightweight app that lets you do more with your chats. Simple and easy to use, it doesn’t require any complicated setup to be installed. Privacy-conscious people will love its privacy features, which let you save all your chats in Google Drive and clear them out at the touch of a button. 
  • Mini Whatsapp is a secure messaging program that allows you to communicate with friends and family. 
  • It’s never been easier to store crucial communications with automated backups. It is a free messaging software for Android and other mobile devices. 
  • WhatsApp provides free, quick, easy, secure messaging and calling on phones all around the world.

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WhatsApp Mini Features 

Some of its exclusive features are mentioned below: 

1- Google Drive Backup

Google Drive Backup is one of the most distinctive and helpful features of Whatsapp Mini New Update. Google Drive Backup allows you to back up WhatsApp chats and photos to Google Drive. It will automatically upload the backups on Google Drive without your intervention. 

Every Whatsapp Mod comes with many different features, but Whatsapp Mini is one of the unique ones. It’s not only small in size but also highly functional. Some of the main features which make it outstanding include Google Drive Backup, Local playback, Multi-accounts, and much more. 

2- Anti Revoke Message

You can perhaps understand how easy this app will be to use. It is a lifesaver when you want to read deleted messages from all your app contacts. It’s a great companion for anyone who has ever been in the situation where they need to try and find out why they were blocked on Whatsapp or how to unblock them.”

You may now see and respond to deleted messages from your Whatsapp connections. It can be helpful in many situations, for example, if you wish to apologize for a letter sent by mistake or when you need help.

3- Status Downloader

Whatsapp Small Phone statuses of your friends and add them to your conversations. Whatsapp Small Phone lets you download the latest standings, WhatsApp jokes, and so on. All you need is Mod and nothing else. The Whatsapp Mini app is a great way to save and download your app statuses. You can also use it to view your friends’ notifications and other messages, but it feature is not available in the main version of Whatsapp.

 4- Anonymous Status Viewer

You may conceal from status watchers by using Mini Whatsapp Download. Another cool feature in it is the ability to hide from your friends and become visible. Just click on the double ticks at the left bottom, and your messages will be visual only to those who have connected on those same ticks. You may check your friends’ status updates without informing them.

5- Custom Call Privacy

This Whatsapp mini is a miniature version of the regular one. It has many features like the regular one, and you can also disable calling, SMS, and video chat for each contact so that nobody can use it feature to contact you. 

With Whatsapp Mini, you can watch movies, play games, and utilize applications on the road. You can easily manage all the settings from the Settings section and take advantage of these features. Connect to the people who are important to you and turn off your notifications for incoming calls.

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How to Download or Install Whatsapp Mini 

People are getting a new way to use Whatsapp from Google Play Store. Who knows what’s real. This modified version is one of the most downloaded mod apk apps in the Play Store. Over 1 billion people use it. Apple store has banned it from using its store.

Suppose you don’t want your phone to run out of space. Install it, a fast and handy app that texts backup. You’ll need a local computer with the app installed to use Whatsapp B58 Mini Apk.

Back up your WhatsApp Messages to a local folder on your computer. Do you get WhatsApp problems while using it? Here is how to solve it.

Just go to Settings> Chat> Text, and do a backup. How? Click the home button and delete Google Play Store. Install the B58 version after uninstalling WhatsApp. To confirm, enter your phone number. If Google Play Store does not work, click Cancel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mini Whatsapp 

How to update Mini Whatsapp?

Update your app by visiting Settings > About and clicking Update App.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Mini?

It is one of the apps that every user of an android phone must-have. It is an excellent app with an extremely easy-to-use interface, and most importantly, it doesn’t require any root access.

Does Whatsapp Mini have anti-ban features? 

Whatsapp mini is one of the best apps you can ever have on your smartphone. You will not face any ban while using Download it so you can use the app at all times. It is a very new and updated version of Whatsapp. It is a secure messenger that no one can hack. Moreover, it has been made in the best way possible so that users can even use it on their computers.

WhatsApp Mini

Final Thoughts

Whatsapp Mini Download is a customized version of the official application. it is another name for it. Because there is no official app for Whatsapp Mini Ipad it does not require internet connectivity to function. It has numerous functions such as customizing, concealing last seen, viewing statuses without displaying them, and so on. You may also use it to lock your app chats and save your data to Google Drive.

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