RCWhatsApp | Download RC Whatsapp 2022

RCWhatsApp | Download RC Whatsapp 2022
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Do you want to change your WhatsApp into a darker version? Are you looking for some new features in your WhatsApp client? Do you want a chat with an Emoji keyboard like iOS? RCWhatsapp or RC Whatsapp for Android is the answer to all these questions.

Rc Contact is the most popular modded version of WhatsApp, updated with available latest features. From getting a dark theme to reading deleted messages, you get it all in RCWhatsApp. It also allows users to control call settings and hide the last seen information of contacts.

What is RCWhatsapp

RC Whatsapp is an exceptional clone app to provide easy and fastest access to all the features of WhatsApp. The app has a user-friendly interface that helps you use it without any difficulty. You can send text messages to your contacts easily. RCWhatsapp lets you make calls for free also. 

Download RC Whatsapp 2022

The best part of WhatsApp is now available with RC Whatsapp on your iPhone and iPad. If you want to enjoy IOS-like features on your Android device, download RC Whatsapp instead of the official WhatsApp App. RC Whatsapp is a fantastic version of a popular messenger app. This application is based on the famous Yowhatsapp. Its features are various variants on IOS, GLAX, and DARK editions. RC Whatsapp is a free application for smartphones and the best third-party app. 

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Why use RCWhatsapp

Rc Contact is a powerful Cydia app that can boost your device’s memory and speed. RCWhatsApp is one of the best Cydia downloads for android and iPhone. RCWhatsapp provides excellent features which cannot be found in other apps. It also permits to use of third-party plugins. The developer has removed RC Whatsapp due to the popularity of its modified version. RCWhatsApp is a more luxurious and famous chatting application worldwide. Therefore, you must try this. 

What’s New

  • Dark Mode/ Themes in Rc Whatsapp Ios.
  • With Rc Yowhatsapp, you can backup and Restore.
  • Get complete chat Secure as in Messenger++ Apk.
  • Customization and protection.
  • Minimum battery consumption in RCWhatsapp Apk.
  • Message Scheduler and Auto-Reply with Rc Yowhatsapp.
  • Chat Protection and External Fonts Style.
  • Notification (Message, Group, Call Tones Navigation)
  • Use external fonts other than the regular ones.
  • Amazing original link bar measures precautionary.
  • Change the theme of your WhatsApp as per your choice.
  • Switch to the dark mode of WhatsApp anytime you want.

RC Whatsapp Features 

Nrc Whatsapp is one of the famous Mods for your android phone. You can download WhatsApp from google. After rooting, you can enjoy excellent features which are not limited to. RCWhatsApp supports both embedded and unrooted devices. 

1- IOS UI 

The IOS UI is a fantastic feature of this RC Whatsapp. This mod version offers more than a regular Whatsapp. Moreover, you get two kinds of UI to enjoy, i.e., the android UI and IOS UI. Whatsapp IOS for PC/Mac, and then, you can relish Whatsapp with IOS user interface on Android phones.

2- Rc Whatsapp Ios Theme Download

RC Whatsapp used to be a straightforward and basic app with almost no customization options available. You used Rc Whatsapp Ios Theme Download to have only one theme option, which was not good. But, now you can have hundreds of themes for your Whatsapp and enjoy it.


3- DND Mode 

Do not disturb (DND) mode. You still have to go through a security step to deactivate your account. In other words, Even if someone tries to delete your account, they won’t be able to disable their account without contacting Whatsapp’s support first.

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4- Auto Reply

The auto-reply feature can be handy if you are busy with something and have to stay away from Whatsapp for some time. Ktm Rc Whatsapp Dp will give your close ones a message that you are alive and will get back to them soon.

5- Anti revoke message

Anti revoke message feature is the best WhatsApp trick, and RCWhatsapp should be used with caution cause many people will use it to blackmail their friends. This Whatsapp hack will get you some popularity among your close friends.

6- Message Scheduler

The message scheduler is one of the best features of this Nrc Whatsapp. You can add multiple groups and send different messages to different groups at other times. Besides that, it will help you communicate with more people, which will result in increasing your business. This feature is easy to use and reliable.

7- Hide/Freeze Last Seen

RCWhatsapp Apk is possible to freeze our last seen time anytime, so you can fully control your online presence. This way, you can be online while hiding your previous seen status from all your contacts. All those users on Whatsapp wish for this type of option.

8- Blue Ticks After Reply

It is one of the best features of this Rc Fouad Whatsapp. By default, others will see only blue ticks when replying to their chats if you have this option. But if you have this option disabled and blue tick enabled, others will not see blue ticks after your replies.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About RCWhatsapp

How to Download RC Whatsapp?

  • Permit your device to access unknown resources.
  • Download third-party applications.
  • You can also download Rc Fouad Whatsapp.
  • Please wait while the download begins. For the launch of the application, the RC WhatsApp file was downloaded.

How to Install RCWhatsapp?

  • RC YoWhatsApp lets you register a number and use its features. Allow installation resources in the settings.
  • Select the download folder and click on it.
  • Press the install button.
  • Be patient during the installation process.


RCWhatsapp or RC Whatsapp is a great app, and many non-tech-savvy people are using it to download all the contacts on their devices. Nrc Whatsapp application can send and receive media files, music files, videos, and images. You will be surprised to know that this is a virus-free app that proves to be very helpful to you.

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