AR WhatsApp Download Latest Version 2022

AR WhatsApp Download Latest Version 2022
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Are you tired of advertisements on WhatsApp? Do you want to prevent WhatsApp from tracking your location? If you are looking for privacy, here’s a modified version of WhatsApp with many new features and free from ads, tracks, and hidden charges. The company behind this application is “ARWhatsApp” which provides the latest update on its new features. Moreover, you can download Ar Whatsapp and use it on your Android and iPhone smartphones.

The ARWhatsApp is the next generation of WhatsApp applications with many new features. ArWhatsApp has many features that give you so much convenience. One of the fantastic features is asking for confirmation before sending messages to contacts. Besides that, many other valuable features make all Whatsapp Fora Do Ar Hoje loved by millions of users. Learn how to get the latest version, which will be available later in 2022, by downloading it from our website TECHBIGiS.

What is ARWhatsapp 

This new version of WhatsApp is the most used messaging application globally. The unique tools available in this app make it truly unique and continue to gain popularity among its users. Moreover, Df No Ar WA allows the user to add several features that did not exist in other application versions.

Ar Emoji Whatsapp can sync all your contacts on your phone and gives you a good amount of storage to save messages in the cloud. You can create groups, share video and audio files with friends, and even send pictures and videos. Besides that, you can use some fantastic themes for fun.

Whatsapp Fora Do Ar Hoje

Why use AR Whatsapp 

It contains activated messages that load in seconds, voice calls, unblock from the blocklist, edit profile pictures, direct contact, and hidden chats. Aside from that, all these features are not available on other versions app.

A unique user interface

There are several differences between WhatsAppAR and the original WhatsApp, including:

  • This modded version allows you to access your contact information and settings.
  • A dark mode is available.
  • Besides that, you can also disable WhatsApp’s internet connection.

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What’s New 

  • Customize the application with themes.
  • Include more emojis.
  • Customize fonts and sizes.
  • View media once and save it.
  • Sending a message on a schedule is possible.
  • You can hide chats with Whatsapp Vai Sair Do Ar.
  • Contact an unknown number by sending a message or call.
  • Translation of letters in various languages.
  • The ability to download statuses in Whatsapp Fora Do Ar Agora and stories.
  • Download and install themes using the theme server.
  • Edit the style of the bubbles and ticks.
  • Choose from a variety of bubble styles.
  • Moreover, statistical information about groups.
  • On the main screen, show the online status or last seen.
  • The ability to hide our connection status and whether to make our messages visible to our contacts.
  • View WhatsApp status once and save it.
  • Don’t let others delete your messages.
  • Schedule messages and use Autoplay.
  • Writing longer statuses are also possible in Ar Whatsapp Status.
  • With it, you can send multimedia documents.
  • Multiple files send at the same time.
  • Share several contacts simultaneously.
  • Themes help to customize applications.
  • There is no shortage of emoticons.
  • Various font sizes and types are available.
  • We can choose whether the connection status of our contacts will be public or private, depending on our connection status.
  • Besides composing longer rates, Df No ArWhatsapp can also download other users’ statuses.
  • Besides that, users may also send large files.

AR Whatsapp Types

1- Ar2 WhatsApp Blue

As for it, the second version comes in green, but the blue version does not exist. Moreover, we recommend downloading the Gb Whatsapp version of WhatsApp by TECHBIGiS since it has the same features.

2- Ar WhatsApp Pink

Our previous discussion on it mentions that it comes in two versions with green and no pink colors. Besides that, we would like to present a different pink WhatsApp that has impressive features called TMWhatsApp.

3- AR WhatsApp iOS

It’s impossible to install it on your iPhone, and it’s only available on Android devices. However, a version of WhatsApp has the same features as the original application. Aside from that, this version is called WhatsApp++.

Let’s Take a Quick View

  • Base Updated.
  • New Emojis
  • Clock Sticker.
  • Bahia No Ar Whatsapp.
  • DND Mode.
  • Ability to change the font size.
  • Notification for changing numbers.
  • Settings for group information.
  • Hiding DND mode option.
  • Improved Dialer.
  • Different Language Support.
  • Simply use pretty hit to tap.
  • Visual commerce heading.
  •  Send and Receive More than one pic.
  • Increase Video Limit in Status.
  • Allow you to play videos.
  • The social icon is also active.
  • Custom privacy chats crash when opened.
  • Oreo Mod fixed.
  • The straightforward conversation network.
  • Increased video limit option in status.
  • Group message identification for admins.
  • Alternative for changing the location of the fab.
  • Navigation Bar Color when chatting.
  • Besides that, many more fixes are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About AR Whatsapp

 How to Download AR Whatsapp 

  • You can choose whichever copy you want to download.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Simple, wait; the downloading will complete in a few minutes.

How to Install ARWhatsapp 

  • After downloading it from our website TECHBIGiS, click to open it. 
  • Provide a phone number and a verification code.
  • Moreover, select open and start enjoying Ar Whatsapp Plus right away.

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Final Words

AR WhatsApp is an excellent app with many useful features and supports many languages. There are themes that users can download, making them more enjoyable to use. Most of the components have surpassed the official WhatsApp. It has also exceeded the standard status time, and now you can set a video as a status for 5 minutes. Aside from that, visit our website TECHBIGiS for daily new modified applications.

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