Go Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2022

Go Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2022
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How do you send files to your friends? How do you choose who to send a photo to? Is it easy to set up a video call? Go WhatsApp has all the features you need in a straightforward package, giving you more control over your original application experience. For example, you can double flag a message, view deleted messages, and quickly hide your online status. You can even delete individual photos and conversations remotely. Besides that, Send a video, chat, or a file in bulk, and send them as a single file. 

With Whatsapp Go, you can control your send and receive messages. You will soon discover that GoWhatsapp is extremely easy to use, with an intuitive interface that allows for simple one-click access to many of the functions you need at a moment’s notice. Moreover, available in various languages, it will enable you to set your privacy settings for messages. Such as using double flags, blocking individual users, and hiding online status) so everyone in your group can have the same experience. 

What is Whatsapp Go 

Go Whatsapp Download is another modified version of the Original Application. The Go Whatsapp Pro aims to give users more control over their messages and receive. Almost any smartphone can run the application, so there are no regional restrictions. Besides that, there are features such as double flags, viewing deleted messages, sending videos, photos, files, and a DND. The Go Whatsapp Apk will turn your smartphone into a powerful tool for communicating with friends and family. 

Go Whatsapp Download

With Go Whatsapp Pro, you can skip the one-star rating system, hide your status and start accepting messages or blocks with complete control. Do Not Disturb option to stop all activity. Yes, that’s right, close the Whatsapp Go Pro on your device and delete the images you don’t want. You can also view who has viewed your profile. Want to sound cool? No more back and forth between you and your friends to find out who liked your status or news. Aside from that, Go Whatsapp Apk has a simple design that mysteriously highlights this innovative feature.

Why use Go Whatsapp 

Installing and starting with this version of the WhatsApp mod is relatively easy and takes only a few minutes. As soon as you download the Whatsapp Go For Pc, there is no need to offer root permission manually. Every time the Whatsapp GO app is launched, it tries to verify you with various methods like mobile phone number verification and OTP verification. Go Whatsapp Apk install automatically; moreover, once the completion of this process starts working on your device without any delay.

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What’s New 

  • Anti-ban protection.
  • Customization options.
  • Send audio files.
  • Type status, hide when online.
  • Ability to download user stories.
  • You can pay with it.
  • Hiding of chats is possible.
  • Transmit up to 90 images at once.
  • No Revocation.
  • Compromised blue routers.
  • Analysis of internal coming interruptions.
  • Roaming the flight and texting with others.
  • Communicate with internet resources.
  • You can also change the app’s icon.
  • Ability to send more extensive videos.
  • Copied statuses of your mates to start.
  • Make groups and chats private.
  • Send your location to others.
  • Custom messages.
  • Media outage which firms the major product.
  • Configuration malicious experienced products.
  • WA Go For Pc.
  • Ability to write more extended status.
  • Instant messages without saving phone numbers.
  • No compression for images.
  • Assistance data centers with monitoring.
  • Social services bringing director documents.
  • Moreover, modification of the chat bubble style.

Whatsapp Go Features 

1- Inbuilt Security

It is not possible to add security to the official application. This Modified APK provides an added layer of protection to secure your app. Everyone can access your account. Aside from that, you can lock any chat with a password to protect it. If you don’t put in the password, you can’t open it.

2- Ads Free

The main thing is that many people use apps. People use it a lot, but they don’t like the bulkiness of this application. GO Whatsapp MOD APK removes ads and different stickers, so the application speed will increase and run better on weak devices. But there is a massive plus in the lock function. Moreover, if you don’t have your smartphone (in your pocket, for example), you can send messages from any other device using your security code.

3- Built-in Themes and Fonts

Themes and fonts do not work on many low-version Android devices. In WhatsApp GO APK, you can choose any theme you would like to use on your app UI without worrying about force closing. The theme does not apply auto when you apply it on the app interface. Besides that, GO WhatsApp 2022 APK lets you use any font of your preference.

4- Guarantee Privacy

GO Whatsapp APK is now stable, and all privacy features are now fixed in this latest version. The old app does not work appropriately with privacy features. We can turn the hidden last seen features on in the settings, but the active and last seen statuses still appear. Aside from that, whenever privacy features are enabled, an error occurs. 

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How to Download and Install Go Whatsapp 

  • Start by searching for Whats App GO in your browser.
  • Click on the download button once you find the page.
  • Your device will download the Go Whatsapp Pro.
  • Click on Security in Android Settings.
  • Turn on “Install apps from unknown sources.”
  • Now, wait till the installation is complete.
  • Moreover, you can open and use the app.


  • Modified DND.
  • Custom themes.
  • Send large videos.
  • Private mode.
  • Business support.
  • Styled Fonts.
  • Use App Lock.
  • Coordinate Network Traffic.
  • Lock Chat.
  • Use new emojis.
  • Reply fast.
  • Always on.
  • Auto Backups.
  • Whatsapp Go For Pc.
  • Plans Support Topics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Go Whatsapp 

How does Go WhatsApp work?

There is a third-party version of WhatsApp GO, a modified version of the original app.

Is it possible to download WhatsApp GO?

There is a download link for “Download Go WhatsApp.” Click the link to download the mod.

How do I update WhatsApp GO?

Keep updated on Go Whatsapp Old Version by visiting our website TECHBIGiS. Moreover, if you are using a Go Whatsapp Old Version, then make sure to keep a copy of the latest version.

Final Words

By using Go Whatsapp, you can enjoy chatting without any ads. You can also download or send large files without exceeding the size limit. Besides that, the Blocking feature allows you to block spammers from reaching you with the Go Whats app Download. Various customization features allow you to change the look of the text bubbles and other app elements like in YE Whatsapp. You will get to keep your original number when using this mod. We highly recommend this app if you want a clean chat experience.

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