Al Whatsapp Download | Latest Version 2022

Al Whatsapp Download | Latest Version 2022
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Are you looking for the ‘Best pro apps’? Then Al Whatsapp Download is the best app for which you are looking. It contains all the features related to the original application. It is an android application, and this app will work on any version of android devices like android Oreo 8.0 and Android Nougat 7.

  1. A perfect solution for All.
  2. This practical application, Al Whatsapp or Alaskar WhatsApp, helps you receive and send messages without an internet connection.
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Here is the best alternative to Al Whatsapp Chat and Messaging. This app is completely free. Another excellent feature is that you can easily share your favorite music track. This version includes unlimited cloud backup of photos and videos and more security features like AR Whatsapp.

What is Al Whatsapp

Al-WhatsApp is a premium version of WhatsApp Messenger with some extra features. Alaskar WhatsApp lets you change your profile picture and status, receive messages from one another, meet new friends nearby, and many more features. It’s now available for Android Smartphones, iPhones, iPad, and PC/Mac Laptops. 

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What’s New

  • By using patterns, you can hide chats.
  • Instead of 16MB, send a video of 50MB.
  • Ability to send messages to unknown numbers. 
  • A theme server that downloads and applies themes.
  • Besides that, language translation capabilities. 
  • Ability to change the type of ticks and bubbles.
  • Downloadable statuses and stories.
  • Group broadcasting in Alaskar WhatsApp.
  • A variety of bubble and tick styles.
  • Reports on group statistics.
  • The main screen shows the online and last seen status.
  • Instead of ten, send 90 pictures.
  • Send messages on a schedule.
  • Add 250 characters to your level instead of 139.
  • Without saving the sender or group admin numbers on the chat screen, you can click on links.
  • The ability to push links into your friends’ statuses.
  • No issue to crash back in the press.
  • A distinction between broadcast and regular messages.
  • When you copy more than one message, hide both the name and the date.
  • Ability to copy groups of friends in Alaskar WhatsApp.
  • Moreover, customizable app icons and notification settings.

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Why use Al Whatsapp Download

Al What’s App, the renowned Android app, is a famous instant messaging application used by millions of users worldwide. Apart from sending text messages to friends and families, Alaskar WhatsApp can perform other functions, such as sharing video and image files. 

Quick View

  • Ban proof.
  • Supports calls.
  • Hide you’re last seen.
  • AutoReply.
  • Privacy mods.
  • Themes mods.
  • DND Mod.

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Final Words

However, the exciting thing about our application is that it can be downloaded, and Al Whatsapp Download is a privacy-focused & end-to-end encrypted Android client for WhatsApp. Delete your old Whatsapp now to install Al Whatsapp only from our website TECHBIGiS.

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