Soula Whatsapp Download 2022

Soula Whatsapp Download 2022
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It is hard to imagine having a smartphone without WhatsApp. Soula Whatsapp is messaging, or Soula Whatsapp Lite uses the Internet connection to communicate in real-time, and it becomes even more potent with mod apk. The Soula WhatsApp Apk features chats in different colors and extra features to help users keep up with their friends’ activities.

  1. Soula Whatsapp is a new WhatsApp mod apk that allows you to do more.
  2. Soula Whatsapp Latest Version is a mod app for WhatsApp.
  3. You can use the mod version for free, but you have to download the apk file and install it on your device.
  4. You will no longer receive any updates on the play store, so you will have to download new versions manually as they are released.

It is a mod of WhatsApp popular for its chat management, new emoji, and stickers. Its popularity has increased over the years due to its simplicity of use, rich features, and attractive animations. The application is multipurpose and can be used on any android device without issues or bugs.

Soula Whatsapp Apk

What is Soula Whatsapp

It is an unofficial and mod version of the famous WhatsApp. This app includes many features that make it different from the official WhatsApp. It is based on the last version of WhatsApp, and it comes with some additional features such as photo sharing, voice notes, sending large files, multi-user chat, and much more like other mod apks on our website TECHBIGiS. 

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What’s New

  • WhatsApp has been giving you new features to help you share your life with family and friends. 
  • The ability to make bigger photos, send videos and audio messages, and save any message as a quote. 
  • Today, we’re excited to introduce some more features which will allow you to be even closer in touch with the people you care about most.
  • New version with more stability, security, and speed of execution.
  • You can also send text messages in Spanish and numerous other languages.
  • Allow you to be even closer in touch with the people you care about most.
  • It gives you more privacy options, allowing you to hide the keyboard when typing or sending images or completely block a specific user from contacting you. 
  • Also, it will enable sending pictures in multiple batches of up to 100 images simultaneously. Without waiting for someone to receive each of them individually.
  • Soula Whatsapp Lite is an application that provides a more private way to chat. 
  • Moreover, Soula Whatsapp Download allows you to do other amazing things on your Android phone. 

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User Reviews

1- Jahil Htu

A unique feature of WhatsApp is the ability to copy other people’s status to your clipboard and not to copy the date and name when copying multiple messages. Besides that, your friend can also send you an alert when they change their profile picture or go online.

2- Chal Bay

I installed it, and I have the WhatsApp code quicker, but I cannot access it. I don’t know where it disappears to. Instead, it automatically takes me back to the play store. Moreover, in my opinion, I dont recommend it.

Soula Whatsapp New Version Update

  • Whatsapp Go Soula will allow you to explore the message thoroughly without setting any comments from it. It can easily hide the date and name of a sent message with a single touch. 
  • Use Soula Whatsapp Lite to copy someone’s exact words without seeing their name. 
  • You can view all the details of the complete word without selecting any word from that text. 
  • You need to choose the “text selectable option” and then lift small text from a long letter to respond to it directly.

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Why use Soula Whatsapp Apk

You can switch between dark and light mode via this application. This app also provides an attractive theme that’s changing to add more fun. More and more people use it because these include live status updates and GIFs. The Soula Whatsapp Latest Version is something that you should read.

Quick View

  • Hide Blue tick communication.
  • Configurations archive statuses playing.
  • Video operation control.
  • Apps functions with cuts window.

Final Words

Soula Whatsapp is the next generation WhatsApp mod app with a easy structure, hidden options, and a compelling management system. It’s full of intelligent applications such as custom graphical interfaces and color changes. 

Moreover, changing the names of groups and persons, controlling notification and media files, and blocking awkward conversations. Soula Whatsapp Download is the right tool if you need to maintain your privacy or if you want to add some features for better comfort to your favorite chatting service.

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